World's largest fancy pink enhanced diamond

May 25, 2006 -- Suncrest Diamonds a sister company of Sundance Diamonds, the world's leading high pressure high temperature (HPHT) diamond processing service company, announced today that it has cut and processed a large natural diamond to create the largest fancy intense color enhanced pink diamond in the world--10.09 carats. Named "The Provo Rose," the natural diamond was transformed from a dull brown color to fancy intense pink using advanced HPHT and other technology developed by Sundance Diamonds over the past four years. It is a classic 58-facet round with VS clarity, according to Russ Myers, Sundance Diamonds Manager. "This is a significant technological breakthrough for the company and for people in the industry looking for waysto increase their margins on low-value brown diamonds," said Myers. "Up to now it was almost impossible to create a pink diamond using HPHT processing or standard irradiation." Enhanced pink diamonds of 25 points and below have been made infrequently with irradiation, however, to date the largest irradiated color enhanced pink has been only 5 carats, according to Myers. Sundance Diamonds also has the capability of processing all sizes including transforming brown diamonds to fancy intense yellow diamonds. The largest made to date, fancy intense yellow diamond processed from a brown diamond, was 20 carats. "Intrinsic to our success as world leaders in HPHT has been our deep commitment to research," said Myers. The company spends a large part its budget on developing new technologies for increasing the value of low color diamonds. "The Provo Rose" will be unveiled at the Sundance Diamonds booth 40115 at the JCK Las Vegas Show. Sundance Diamonds will offer free analysis of diamonds and discounted processing for diamonds submitted at the show. Suncrest Diamonds a sister company of Sundance Diamonds is the only professional HPHT processing and servicing company in the world. The majority of its business is in transforming brown Type IIa diamonds into colorless and near colorless ranges. The average outcome for Type II diamonds is in the E-F colorless range. Suncrest Diamonds and Sundance Diamonds are divisions of U S Synthetic, the world's largest manufacturer of polycrystalline diamonds for use in oil and gas exploration. Both companies are located in Orem, Utah. The parent company is the Dover Corporation, a worldwide diversified manufacturer of proprietary products and components for industrial and commercial use, headquartered in New York City.