Suncrest Diamonds Adds a Touch of Pink

Orem, UT, May 30, 2009 - Suncrest Diamonds, creator of the first and only collection of beautiful yellow HPHT* diamonds, announced today at the JCK Show 2009 the availability of a new line of pink HPHT diamonds to interested retailers nationwide. In addition, Suncrest is pleased to announce the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has designated the proprietary perfecting HPHT-processes used by the company as “Suncrest.” When HPHT is combined with irradiation and annealing, diamonds will be inscribed with the “Suncrest Pink” designation. “We are very pleased that retailers can now offer beautiful, high-end pink and yellow HPHT diamonds to their discriminating diamond clientele at a price suited for today’s economy,” said Sonny Pope, general manager of Suncrest Diamonds. “Our propriety processes enable retailers and the diamond trade to dramatically upgrade existing natural diamond inventories with breathtaking results.” Suncrest carefully selects diamonds that have been mined from the earth and then heats these diamonds under high temperature and pressure (1 million pounds/ to bring out each stone’s stunning color and natural beauty. Additional treatment is applied to Suncrest pink diamonds to ensure that their brilliant color will never fade or diminish over time. A lab certification (from GIA or other industry-recognized gem labs) can accompany each Suncrest diamond documenting the stone’s natural pedigree and processing For JCK show attendees, Suncrest Diamonds (booth 9041) is offering special discounted pricing for retailers who want to add this vivid, new line of pink diamonds to in-store displays. Suncrest will be offering free diamond analysis at our JCK booth or at our testing facilities in the Israel Brinks office, as well as the company’s New York City and Orem, Utah offices. YouTube videos: interview with Sonny Pope; pink diamonds; yellow diamonds About Suncrest Diamonds
Suncrest Diamonds is the first and only collection of natural, beautiful pink and yellow diamonds that have been carefully selected, heated, and polished to bring out each diamond's stunning color and inner beauty. Suncrest Diamonds gives retailers a reliable source for beautiful, fancy-color diamonds for designer diamond jewelry. Suncrest designs exciting colored diamonds to help retailers attract new and existing customers with vibrant color and fresh new style. For more information about Suncrest Diamonds, contact the Rio Grande Diamond Department at 800-257-7026 or visit Suncrest Diamonds