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AG&J Proposes Solution to Detecting Fraudulent Diamonds

AG&J Proposes Solution to Detecting Fraudulent Replicas of Certified Diamonds

September 3, 2014

RAPAPORT – Recent advances in growing and treating diamonds has garnered much public attention, yet relatively little has been published on the subject. AG&J has witnessed large and small companies pursing investments in HPHT / APHT / LPHT treatments, irradiation and especially technology for growing HPHT and CVD synthetic diamonds. Many companies are already in place and ready to capitalize on these new techniques and it is only the complexity and the sophistication of the technology that slows new investment. Click to read more'

The ABCs of HPHT

The ABCs of HPHT

May 21, 2011

JCK Magazine –– Twelve years ago this summer, the HPHT (high pressure/high temperature) process was introduced to the diamond industry, sparking what GIA then-president William E. Boyajian called “the biggest gemological crisis” in his 23 years at the Institute. At the 1999 GIA Symposium, an uproar erupted over the then-­undetectable treatment and its potential to capsize consumer confidence.'

Industry Upbeat as JCK Opens

Industry Upbeat as JCK Opens

June 2, 2012

As the Big Kahuna of all jewelry trade shows, JCK Las Vegas, swung open its doors June 1, many hoped this would be the year the jewelry biz finally moved past the Great Recession.'

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