Understanding Color

Color Coated Natural Color Suncrest Diamonds

Not all colored diamonds are HPHT processed. Artificial treatments--like color coating--can be used and are sometimes mistakenly confused with HPHT. It's important to remember that color coated diamonds are:

  • Temporarily colored with a surface treatment that can change or fade diamond color with heat, cleaning in harsh solutions, or even time.
  • Treated with artificial additives that paint a thin layer around the diamond to camouflage the original color and any flaws or less desirable features
  • Generally low clarity, highly included diamonds. Although any diamond can be coated, most ionized coatings cover cheaper diamonds.

Natural color diamonds are extremely rare and expensive. A natural 1-carat pink diamond can sell for millions of dollars:

  • By comparison, a 1-carat Suncresk pink diamond will sell for a fraction of the price of an untreated natural pink diamond.
  • Most Suncrest diamonds are comparable in price to natural white diamonds. A 1-carat Suncrest SI1 -- VS1 pink diamond will be priced near a G - H equivalent.

Suncrest diamonds are:

  • Man-made or natural diamonds that have been mined from the earth with a special chemistry to allow for color change.
  • Using advanced technology, Suncrest can heat treat natural diamonds (similar to heating Rubies and Sapphires) to change diamond color. The Suncrest process replicates the earth's pressure and applies heat at 5000°F.
  • Permanent color through a unique process that delivers a fully saturated color change that will not fade or disappear during setting or under a jeweler's torch.
Pink Dazzling Diamonds

Making Choices

Color diamonds from Suncrest are a perfect match for today’s fashion-forward consumer and for retailers looking to add a touch of color—at affordable prices with improved margins—to in-store displays.

Pink Dazzling Diamonds